Bringing Families Together

CITIZEN PINOY is a public service program that serves the need of our Filipino audiences for information on the various possibilities, issues, and problems of immigration.

Annually, 45,000 Filipinos move to the United States leaving behind their families and loved ones. CITIZEN PINOY takes part in reuniting these immigrants with their loved ones the fastest way possible, through stories learned from our guests and guidance from our immigration expert.

Knowledge and Compassion

CITIZEN PINOY is hosted by leading immigration attorney, Michael J. Gurfinkel who is very experienced and well-informed on laws, events, and issues confronting Filipinos in the USA.

Each episode of CITIZEN PINOY is filled with heart-wrenching and heart-warming stories of separation, sacrifice and salvation. Ultimately families are reunited with their loved ones through the assistance and expertise of Atty. Gurfinkel.

The program is taped before a fully-packed live studio audience who participate by asking their immigration questions to the attorney. E-mailed questions are read and answered as well.

Your Passport to Immigration Information

CITIZEN PINOY airs nationwide in the United States on TFC (The Filipino Channel) on Sundays at 6:30 PM (PT) with replays the following Sundays at 4:30 AM. CITIZEN PINOY airs across the North American continent and also in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Judging from the large volume of e-mailed inquiries and comments that come in daily, the program continues to bring its specialized brand of public service to many Filipinos. No other show on television can equal the success attained by CITIZEN PINOY in bringing hope and helping Filipinos with the complicated laws of US immigration. Twenty (20) seasons in, CITIZEN PINOY continues to be the Filipino’s passport to immigration information.